SW 2004 Material Database - new materials

A client would like to add a new material to the standard SW database
(apparently nobody uses 5052 Aluminum anymore).
He reports back that you can modifiy values in the existing database
but cannot add any.
To add materials, you have to make a copy of the original database and
use it instead.
Is this a bug or was it designed to be done this way?
If it is a liablity issue, why allow users to modify the original
material properties?
Is he missing something or "thats just the way it is".
Thanks in advance
Len K. Mar, PEng.
E-data Solutions
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Len K. Mar
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he may be missing something. you can't edit sw default material database. you can however create your own and edit. rmb on material and edit, there is a button for creating/adding databases
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kenneth b
When I RMB on the material icon in the feature tree the edit/create button is not highlighted, I have found that I actually have to select a material in the Solidworks default material database before the Create/Edit button is accessible, this may be a bug.
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Phil Evans
the logic may be, how can you edit something that's not set. as far as creating, who knows ... maybe they should have separate buttons
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kenneth b

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