autocad software ownership?

Quick question: I just reloaded autocad on my system after a HDD crash. I
tried to use my previous activation code without success. Apparently, when
your hardware changes so does the request code. I then e-mailed autodesk for
my new activation code, which I'm sure they will promptly send to me.
However, I couldn't help thinking "What happens when autodesk goes under?".
Certainly my hardware will change over time, I will not be able to use the
VERY expensive software that I purchased, not rented!
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John Smith
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UR SCruued. What "if" you have time schedules and don't have a complete stand-by backup system 100% of the time. As I did while in business - you may also lose all your clients. So Autodesk is NOT open 24-7-365???????
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MO full name
Isuspect that illegal program hackers, will all of a sudden find a legal outlet for their efforts.
Add to the list of concerns the Microsoft Windows operating system. They have total control of most of the world's computers and all the files on it. What if they decide to hold the world's computer systems hostage!
Joe Dunfee
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