Problems downloading .dwg files from Mcmaster

I?m having problems downloading AutoCAD files from Mcmaster? I never had
problems before but my new PC at work just hangs at the point that would
normally ask for file download location. Instead, when I click download
all I see is an ?Opening an Internet connection? dialog box, which after
several minutes changes to ?Waiting for System time out?. Then I get a
dialog box called ?OEMView alert? which is from Autodesk warning me that
the file was not created by an Autodesk application. I check the box to
allow download anyway and also check the box to never warn me again. The
end result is the file does not download and the never warn me box will
not stay checked. A co-worker can download the same file without any
problem. The only discernable difference between his PC and mine is that
he has IE7 and I have IE6. Mcmaster had me clear my cache, cookies, and
drop my security settings, all without success in fixing the problem. My
IT people can?t be bothered to help me. Has any had this problem before?
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Not that one, but other new problems with IE6 AND 7 downloading dwg files. Resorted to filetype override in IE7 and seems to work. Don't know what they've done to the browsers.
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Michael Bulatovich

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