eDrawing 2005/2006 API, functions hidden?

Hi everyone!
I have some questions regarding the eDrawing API.
It seems that either the eDrawing format itself is not completely open,
or that the API documentation is not fully developed yet.
I have several problems that I have not been able to solve through the
API alone. I hope someone has some tips, maybe :)
1) Selection vs. highlight
The API only documents the proces of setting a highlight feature (thru
EMVComponentState). As the API itself states, this is not the same as a
mouse-driven selection.
I need to be able to set selections externally (thru an ID) and see the
effect on the specific object in the eDrawing assembly. And,
conversely, deselect objects through specific ID's. Deselect is
actually most relevant because I am trying to integrate the eDrw
properly into HTML, and the highlight actually works best, namely on
entire components (genuine select only marks a face on the component).
It puzzles me that there is not access to the eDrawing selection
function, since it is so integral to developing proper correspondance
with other HTML-elements. I have seen the corresponding selection
things in the full SW API - but I am not sure where to begin, since
there seems to be several different selection functions in native SW,
each dependant on several other factors.
Does anyone have some insights to be shared?
2) Right-click menu items
For some reason, several elements in the right-click eDrawing menu are
not represented in the eDrawing API documentation. For instance, the
"Make Transparent", "Hide", "Hide Others" and "Show All" functions are
not documented, although I take it that they *must* be accessible in
some way.
At least, I have not been able to find them written anywhere. If anyone
has a clue plz share, since I am losing more hair by the minute here ;)
Thanks in advance,
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