Codes for Architectural Desktop 2004

Where can I get the s/n and AuthCode for Architectural Desktop 2004.
Thanks for any and all responses.
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Robert O. Miller
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Your local authorized Autodesk dealer will be happy to help you. You're welcome.
You're also either brave or foolish, using a real name & email address. Autodesk *does* occasionally check the traffic on these NGs. ___
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Paul Turvill
Try 4.
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The authorised Autodesk retailer from whom you bought the software will be able to help you (and gladly do so).
Not at all, always ready to help, but only if you stop these senseless multiple and cross postings next time you publish an article to a newsgroup.
Kind regards, Olaf
Use "reply to" address for e-mail, please.
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Olaf Peuss

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