hatch not visible

Hi all,
I am using solid hatch and the entity is hatched by not visible? There must
be a variable to allow the solid hatch to be visible?
I am trying to finish a drawing and came accross this problem.
I would really appreciate a solution
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Philip Russell
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Do you not see it at all, or just the boundary? Are you in a 3d view?
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Michael Bulatovich
Hi Michael,
I just see the boudary and in 3d
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Philip Russell
That's what I thought. Solids don't show in a 3D view as far as I know. Switch the hatch to something very dense, and it'll show.
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Michael Bulatovich
"Michael Bulatovich" wrote in news:uobmb.14113$aw5.430961 @news20.bellglobal.com:
I have been able to get hatching to show in 3d, but are you using the HIDE command? I "hide" to not show the back side of things, but WHEN I DO the fill on my arrowheads disappears, and I am left with the boundary.
I conclude, for my own peace of mind, that autocad treats SOLID fill differently than other "patterns". If you think about how a hatch pattern is coded, this makes sense.
Michael, as per normal operations, is probably right. Choose a different hatch pattern and set her real dense and see if that doesn't provide a work around.
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Roy Knapp

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