Hatch scaling problem

I hatched an area (say area A) on a drawing the other day. Today I hatch an
area (say area B) using same scale and pattern as area A, and its totally
different! I used express tools "match properties" and to make B same as
A - no change. However us match property to make A same as B and changes to
latest "wrong" scale!!!! I'm using AutoCAD 2002. Is this an old chestnut and
has someone got a fix for it?
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Thanks for reply, but the hatched areas are in the same drawing. Using ansi31 pattern. When I check the properties, both have the same linetypescale and pattern scales but look different by a factor of 2.5 times!!! Any ideas? TIA
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2.54 is the conversion factor between centimeters and inches....
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Michael Bulatovich

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