Calculating area?

AREA command is very useful when calculating area made of polilines and so,
but let assume the area is surounded by lines or exploded rectangles.
Do you know, if there is any comand or lips program to calculate area simply
clicking mouse inside desirable area surounded by lines etc. not pointind at
every edge point. Somethig similar to aplying hatch using Pic Point,
pointing in to midle of region.
Thanks in advice,
P.S. sorry about my English
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You could try the BOUNDARY command.
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Conny Klasson
thanks it works fine, except one moment, let asume there is not closed shape it has a gap in its perimeter. With HACH command I can appy hach to the gapped shape (controling system variable HPGAPTOL). what about to BOUNDARY command, is there any system variable that controls gap detection so it retur a ragion or polyline.
sincerely, Edgar
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I think BLINE (BPLINE? Can't recall exactly, and not at work.) might. It will create a polyline boundary from surrounding objects by picking within them. (Others have said BOUNDARY--that may be the same, it's been years since I typed in the whole command. :)
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Steve Hall
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new command in rel.: 2005 "hatch with a gap" so upgrading is the answer.
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