calculating the area of a lot

We are selling a small piece of our lot to our neighbor. Our lot is
shaped somewhat like a piece of pie and for years they have
maintained a section as their own. So, we agreed to sell it to them.
original appraisal two years ago indicated the lot size was 1.797
acres. But,
the new survey is showing 1.4 +/-. My calculations are showing that
we are only selling them 5%, which would would make the new surveyed
equal 1.7 acres now. One property line is an arc which complicates
things. But I do have
the angles, and chord length, etc.
If anyone has any interest, please email me so I could send you scans
of the old and new surveys. I'd be glad to pay a small fee for the
work. Thanks.
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You really have little choice other than going with the newest registered survey. If it was done by a properly licensed surveyor, you can pretty well rest assured that his area calculation jibes with the lot lines as he depicted them. If you still think he's wrong, about the only other alternative is to have yet another survey done by a different practitioner. ___
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Paul Turvill
post it, i am sure most of the guys in here could draw it up give you the area in less than a few minutes
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Thanks for the replies. There is one section that is next to the the arc line that I believe the new surveyor overlooked when he performed his calculations. When we sell one day, I just want to make sure the acreage is accurate. 1.4 versus 1.7 acres makes a small difference, but want to make sure whatever it is, the acreage is accurate. Thanks.
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