Some of us "engineers" exaggerate our credentials

A lot of us just have 2 year electrical engineering technology degrees from junior colleges. Doesn't mean we can't solder and stuff.

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Yeah, well, since when is IIT a junior college?

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Do you mean ITT?

We have had very limited luck with ITT grads. I would estimate that only 1 in 10 can pass the simple, 20 question, test that we give technician candidates. We have a fairly steady stream of them going through our interview process and have hired 1 (one) in the last 5 years (as a technician). He is the only one we have offered a job to. ITT needs to stop focusing on churning out grads (quantity) and focus on producing qualified grads (quality). Just my opinion.

Charles Perry P.E.

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Charles Perry

A source of good technicians used to be amateur radio. With the introduction of computers, the internet, and cheap world wide commercial communication, amateur radio is a dying hobby. It is not feasible for those hams who are left to assemble or even troubleshoot much of their own equipment. Nuts and Volts projects just are not the same as pressing a key and having some other fanatic 10,000 miles pressing a key in response.


-- Ferme le Bush

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Salmon Egg

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