Engineering Colleges in Arkansas

I am about to get ready from a two year college to a 4 year college. My
major is Electrical Engineering, but I am having trouble finding a college.
There are three colleges I know of in Arkansas that offer Engineering
degrees. This list as of now:
Arkansas State University in Jonesboro
University of Arkansas in Fayettville
Arkansas Technical Institute in Russellville
all of these colleges are EAC of the ABET.
I'am leading towards ASU in Jonesboro due to its closer to home. My question
is as long as the college is EAC of the ABET, will it get me a job when I
graduate? We also have ITT Tech, but it doesn't mention anywhere about being
on the ABET. Thanks
John Robertson
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John Robertson
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I recently talked with a young man who quit the electrical engineering program at U of A in Fayettville. He was looking for antother school. He said that to many of the professors and instructors were ESL and he could not understand the lectures. I would visit all the schools and check it out.
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B J Conner

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