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Ahh, here we go...
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Helping people protect their homes and businesses is our line of work. The following are few things you should know:
Most burglars enter through an existing opening; therefore locks and doors are your first line of home or business security.
You have security with a lock only when you can account for every key. If you are buying an existing home or business, pay for a qualified Locksmith to change the locks and establish good key control.
Key-in-the knob locksets offer virtually NO security. If your premises are equipped with these, they should be replaced. The most secure locks are double-cylinder deadbolts, which require a key to operate from either side. The bolt (the part that extends from the door) should be at least one inch long, and should be hardened steel. The strike (the plate that the bolt sticks into) should be installed with screws long enough to engage the structural stud behind the doorframe (and not just the door frame or trim like many are currently installed).
The door should swing in to prevent any attack on the hinges. If your door swing outward, it should be installed on non-removable pin hinges or the hinges should be "pinned" (remove the screw from opposing positions on both top and bottom hinges, and drive a pin or nail into one of the holes. When the door is closed, this pin engages the matching hole and holds the door in place even if the hinge pin is removed).
At we would like to help you out, and provide you with great customer service, by having our professional licensed Locksmith answer your questions. Simply e-mail your question to and we will have it answered as soon as possible.
At we recognize the significance of safety and security in both your home and place of business.
We are committed to provide you with our extensive hands-on knowledge and experience, the latest styles and the highest quality of products for very competitive prices.
We offer both residential and commercial products such as entry door locks, interior locks, deadbolts, keypad locks, handle sets, door knobs, exit device, electric strike, door closer, hinges, padlocks and more.
It is impossible for us to list all the great security products and items that are in the market, so if you can not find the item you are looking for on our site, please contact us at and let us know. We will be more than happy to provide you with our quote and accommodate your needs.
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I would like a dozen 302s i would also like to se what you offer in the ways of lug door replacement parts
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I'll put a triple double you on that to make the link clickable. So, what to do now that Schlage has made a new POS lock with a one piece formed outer handle. And a spring cap that flies off, and drivers that are too short, and springs that don't work in other locks?
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