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Hello all, I will be traveling to St. Louis,MO, late Sept. to goto the Museum of Transportation and was wondering if there is anything else train related there in town or in the surrounding 50 mile area? Thanks in advance jaijef

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union station is nice but there is also some nice rr bridges over the old miss. the eads river bridge the first span over the miss in St louis and the Mckinley bridge a toll/rr bridge north of town it is the old Illinios termial crossing

if you can follow it on the east side of the missisippi river you will see a spot where the trestle is still there but in one section of about 50 yards the trestle has fallen and the tracks are still suspened in mid air

it was still there two years ago

trains wrote up the town a few years ago get a copy it explains a lot of the traffic and the reasons along with some good maps

but the standard is still John Szwajkart book and map of st louis and the area its dated but great info and the map is by far the best

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most of the action is on the Illinios side

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John Obert

thank you. I will keep those places in mind

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