Future Exhibition Venues in Fareham, Hants

Just to pick up a slightly OT spur to the debate about Helijan Hymeks, a couple of alternative venues were suggested.

Victory Hall, Warsash. Colin, I went down and had a look, nice hall, pity we can't have one like that in the town itself. The problem is that we know a significant number of the serious enthusiasts who come to our shows travel by public transport, either train or bus. Victory Hall is 2 3/4 miles from Swanwick Station (2 trains an hour each way, no direct bus link) and has two busses an hour on a route that is best described as a "withered arm" from Fareham. Car parking would also be a serious issue. Based on current experience, filling Victory Hall with exhibition would also fill over 3/4 of the car park with cars. I walked the turf to find the alternative car parks and frankly was not impressed by the amount of spaces available in Warsash. All told, if we moved the show there we would suffer a massively reduced gate and would lose out on repeat business the second time around because people would be put off by the lack of reasonably adjacent parking. Sorry! But thanks for the suggestion.

Henry Cort School; Niel. Haven't been there yet but from what I am told/know the same problems with accessibility by public transport would apply. The other problem will be how the school views us. We have now been rejected by two schools, one said no on the grounds that they were unable to commit to a booking more than a year in advance and the other rejected us on the grounds that we would wreck the floors.

10th Fareham Scout HQ; Niel, where is it? Is it the one in "The Gillies"? If so I don't think it is anything like big enough to hold us.

Anyone else with local knowledge is very welcome to suggest alternative venues.


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Elliott Cowton
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Elliott, What about the hall in Wickham that Solent Railwayana Auctions use? Will try to be a bit more specific with the details and hope to see you over the weekend.

David Costigan (Previous reply, to you, was rejected - for some reason!!)

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David Costigan

Could you try the sports hall as St Vincent Sports centre Gosport, I knows it not Fareham but is on a frequent bus route and only ferry ride away from Portsmouth Harbour station.


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