Ipswich Exhibition Initial Report

The Association would like to thank all those who attended the 31st
Exhibition at Copleston on Saturday 29th November, from the public,
exhibitors, traders, The Copleston Centre, the local press and radio. The
exhibition past all our expectations considering the difficult situation and
all the uncertainty surrounding the event. However we are aware of certain
issues that came up during the exhibition, that were simply unknowns and we
hope to be able to address these over the coming years.
This is the last exhibition that Ken Welton has organised after 22 years of
service, a presentation was held at our HQ on Tuesday 9th November, a write
up on the presentation can be found at
formatting link
(although it is currently
missing a photo!)
Your Views Count, we still would like to hear from you people about the
exhibition, either as a visitor, trader or exhibitor, your opinions count to
help enable us to make the Exhibition even better for you over the coming
years. So please do get in contact with us either by replying directly to
the newsgroup, but also if possible via E-mail as well.
When we get a chance a full report on the exhibition will be available from
our website.
Kevin Dickerson
2005 Exhibition Coordinator
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