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I just bought an ad in a Southwestern Bell book that covers mostly suburban areas around NASA and a few small towns where the average income per household is among the highest in the area. There are lots of nice new homes around and competition is low. The ad is small, 1/3 page wide and 2 inches long.

I decided not to give hours of operation. I didn't mention anything about the subject. I'm wanting to slow down. I dont want to work late nites and even though I will most likely work every day most of the time, I want to take a day off every now and then. The other locksmiths I know either dont run that far from town or they are too busy with their own ads, so I decided not to give my lines to them when I wanted a break.

I also did not advertise 'automotive', just 'commercial' and 'residential'. The area is too wide spread and I'll be working alone. I dont want people calling while I'm busy asking if I can make a key to their car or open it quickly. Most late nite calls are for this type of work also. I think I'll be able to keep busy during the day without the hastle involved in automotive work even though that is where alot of the money is.

I also did not advertise forms of payment. I haven't signed the ad 'proof' yet. I dont know if this is really needed in an ad with limited space where you are trying to make the type as big as possible. I take credit cards but I just figure people will call and ask me that anyway like they always do even though the ad I work under now plainly states I take them.

Also I installed the following 'hook' in small red type:

Standard Lock Cylinder Rekey $*.** Each Plus Trip Charge. Two Keys Included. Lost Key Extra.

I didn't say 'High Security Extra' or ' Not High Security' because alot of folks around here dont know what 'high security' means so I just said 'standard' instead.

The phone number is on top under the company name in the biggest bold red type they would allow, 18 point. All the other type is 12 and 10 point.

What do you think about my way of doing it? Should I include 'credit cards accepted', or install a disclaimer about the 'high security' rekey costing more or are the words 'standard cylinder rekey' good enough? Should I say the hours of operation or just leave that open?

Thanks in advance


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Glen Cooper
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First bit of advice, never put your prices in your ad, for lots of variouse reasons. Secondly, enforce the fact that you are 'their LOCAL' locksmith, (people will always seek out and use a 'local' rather than give their hard earned money to an outsider). Don't go into detail about trip charges or what they get for this and that. Keep it simple, " keys made for houses, & cars, + locks changed and keyed alike etc". And also include any A.L.O.A. or 'Master Locksmiths Association', affiliation / membership logo's you may have, this enforces the fact that you actually do have some genuine credentials, and are not just a fly by impostor.

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Steve Paris

Good idea.

Good idea as long as you are SURE you don't need or want auto work.

Don't count on that. When I call any kind of service provider or merchant I tend to assume if it doesn't mention cards they don't take them and I just call somebody else if I want to charge it.

standard should be ok


or install a disclaimer about the 'high security' rekey costing

Wouldn't worry about it. I think the word standard has you covered. Just cover it with them in the phone conversation and know one can accuse you of being any less than completely forthcoming.

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Actually you might want to be more specific if their are some you don't except. But definitely let people know what you DO take.

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1) They won't remember about the credit cards, so don't bother. 2) Specifying "standard" is good enough. 3) Specify your hours if you do NOT want the phone to ring all night, or did you mean to say that you'll forward the lines to somewhere else after hours?

I like seeing hours of operation, as I always seem to call around 4 PM :-(


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I've found that all customers want to know my location. That's the important part -- get someone close.

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Stormin Mormonn

I would put a line in, serving (town/s) area... in my case 5 small towns area... so they know where I am close to


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