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I am looking for some help on creating a program that can reduce the time
spent on creating sample drawings for quote requests.
Currently our "cad challenged" engineer/salesman spends a lot of time
cutting and pasting old drawings together wasting a lot of his time. Only
10-15 % of these develop into actual requests for samples at which time the
"cutting and pasting" is transformed into an actual drawing. Does anyone
know anyone/company that does this sort of thing
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John Smith
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The beauty of CAD is modification of an existing drawing(database). From merely changing the Name/Date to rearrangement of components.
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Are you looking for something "professional" or just something that works? Big price difference. ;)
Not sure if Terry Dotson does custom programming, but worth checking out. He has a solid reputation around here, afaik. (I haven't used his products, personally.)
I have seen a few sites which offered custom programming, though I don't have any links handy.
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I'm having a deal of trouble with my web site at the mo but please follow the
Solids then 12 solid scripts links.
And let me know if that is what you want
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Terry Rawkins
General CADD Pro has a macro language that could help automate the process for you.
Free download..
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General CADD Support
I am looking for something generic that works but it must look "professional" as they will be sent out to customers for approval. We used to use DesignCad before switching to Autocad/Inventor and one the guys wrote a program, which we still have, that took all the prompted variables and drew a sketch showing four views (top,front,right,left). The detail (circuiting) was then drawn by the draftsperson and sent out to the customers. A program similar to this for manifolds is also needed. I realize that the end product will still have to have some input but as long as there is enough information to communicate with the customer that would be great and free up lots of time. Any links would be appreciated. Thanks
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John Smith

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