AutoCAD 2007, the 3D revolution

Have you ever tried to create and modify 3D objects in AutoCAD? Prior to release 2007, that was not an easy task and generaly, "serious"

3D was done in softwares like Max, VIZ, Rhino...

AutoCAD 2007 brings a revolution to the way we do 3D in AutoCAD, now you can loft, sweep, modify 3D solids in real time, this is the biggest new functionnality in this version and the rendering module has been updated too.

Appart from that? Well, let's say, nothing much... OK, you can overlay DWF files in your DWG, you can publish PDF directly from AutoCAD, but the big thing is 3D.

See this video for creating a loft object.

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Have a look at the photos galery for screen captures.
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Revit or invetor isn't that autodesks software for for

3d modeling now adays. Acad only for draughting. Mechanical desktop and architectural desktop are to be phased out.

--=20 Mvh Anders Lager=E5s

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Anders Lageras

Anyone considered the implications of the headers in 2007 files being encrypted, whilst at the same time moving to a subscription service

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Stuart Nathan

The basement hackers usually find a way to get by anything.

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Chris Kellett

And I thought their pricing structure made the subscription service the cheapest way to own AutoCAD. Seeing how the last few years, AutoDesk has been creative in getting into the pockets of their users, I wouldn't put this past them. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.


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I am surprised no-one has run with this.

Has anyone considered what happens if you decide to stop subscribing? Will you be able to edit your drawings?

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Stuart Nathan

Why would you want to stop AND continue to work with (or against acad which is usual).

Try subscribing - like me and find....

Command: aectoacad Unknown command "AECTOACAD". Press F1 for help.

Command: exporttoautocad Unknown command "EXPORTTOAUTOCAD". Press F1 for help.

You don't have to stop subscribing to fail to work with it !!

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