Customize Contl+ Letter short cut key in Microstation -as with Acad accelerators?

sorry for posting in acad news groups, I posted in Microstation ng, but
did not get any response.
I a curious if there is any way to make "control + letter" type of
short cut key with microstation (to minimize use of icons).
Also what about one or two letter short cut keys? I seen options for
control + function keys but that is not what I want (since that
two hands for the short cut). I am use to using autocad letter short
cuts and control key short cuts.
With autocad I hardly ever used icons. I had my left hand on the left
side of the keyboard where I can quickly type in my short cut commands,
that way I can draw really fast. Using a new icon every 2 seconds is
very intensive on your eyes when you do it all day long. Key board
commands are quick and don't require looking at the key board. Is
this possible with mircrostation? Thanks
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