how to read/write block parameters with Autocad2000 and VBA

Hi everibody, I'm an Autocad newbie and I've to realize many identical
sheets with some different text labels (i.e. sheets that differ only for
some labels). In each sheet, some parametric blocks are included. Inside
theese blocks are located the labels that I'd like to set automatically
reading their values from a DB or (better) an Excel sheet.
I'd like to automate also the saving procedure providing the names of
the files as record values.
I think that this should be a "classic issue" (the one to have to
produce many similar sheets starting from a tipical one) but my
familiarity with both autocad and vba is quite low, so I need to be
driven on the right path. Every advice or link is wellcome.
Thank in advance and please excuse me for my english and if my post
could result Out of Topic.
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I would have to see exactly what your work looks like to give you detailed advice, but it sounds like you might want to consider using XRefs for the material that doesn't change. You need to think through the advantages/disadvantages for your specific situation before deciding, though. Remember that changing the XRefed information changes every drawing that is referencing it.
Beyond that, template drawings should work well, also. The help files should provide plenty of info on that topic. If your files are relatively small, this might be your best solution.
Unfortunately, I haven't found a really good VBA site for beginners. I've bought two books specifically about VBA within AutoCad, one by Joe Sutphin and one by Phil Kramer. IMO, Joe's is a much better and more copmlete reference, but for a complete newbie, Phil's was quite helpful as well.
Autodesk has a VBA specific newsgroup with some very knowledgeable regulars that are always willing to help. I've written a few things that deal with Excel, though I can't say I'm very proud of them. One works quite well, though it has it's share of problems as well. If I get the time, I'll try throwing together a simple example, though I can't promise anything.
Neither seems to be an issue. ;)
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