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Has anyone here migrated from Acad to Linuxcad .... or using both packages ? I've been to Linuxcad's website and it sounds promising, but that's their side of the coin. I've also found a few reviews around the net and have got conflicting reports which still leaves me wondering. I've bought a third HDD and will be setting up Suse Linux on Wednesday. I want to start using Linux as an experiment, collect software, drivers etc and once ..... if & when it works, I'd like to move over permanently and forget that Windows & Autocad ever existed ;-) Linuxcad is around $199 and Autocad LT2004 is around $1500 ( after we convert from our currency and give the forever absent president his share )

Look forward to your comments


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Bernard Rother
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Good luck to you. Please keep us posted on your results.

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