Completed very first project!

New pictures of my work (DSC00058.jpg) at my web site:
formatting link

Well, after two forging sessions I've learned a lot about what NOT to do
and have managed to make myself a fire rake.
It ain't pretty, but it works...for now. As I get better, I'll make
another one. I think it would have been much easier had I started with
a piece of stock closer to the shape I wanted; about 28" of 1/2" round
stock would have been nice. :)
Thanks to all of you who have been answering my silly newbie questions.
I really appreciate it. I guess the important thing to note here is
that I've been beating on some iron, learning about my fire, and haven't
gotten lynched by my neighbors...yet (I live in a subdivision hehe).
Oh, and I'm also learning about clinkers...porous, hard, nasty,
non-combustible things!
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Rick Barter
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Hey.. It works and YOU made it! :-) Happyhappyjoyjoy! :-) Keep it up! Iron Ed
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Edmund W. Conen, III
I agree! I enjoyed looking at your pictures and observing the work you did. Have fun! Rick
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Well thanks for the encouragement Iron Ed and Rick. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. As I forge more I'll put more pictures up and try and make it a more enjoyable site.
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Rick Barter
Incredible pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Awesome...keep it up, and keep posting those project pics! Indy
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Your doing great!Experience IS the best teacher.
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Sparks Alot

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