I DID IT! (was re: Can't get first coal fire going) (0/1)

Well thanks to everyone for their help. I got it going this morning
and have attached some pictures of the blessed event.
The pictures proceed numerically from starting the fire, to really
getting it going, to heating some metal and the before and after
I'm making a coal rake for myself as my first project. You can see in
the before and after picture that I started with a 12" x 1" x 3/8"
piece of mild steel and finished today's session with a 23 1/4" x 1/2"
x 1/4" piece.
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Glad to hear of your success!
On the downside, though, posting pictures (binaries) to a non-binaries newsgroup can get your ISP on your case as a terms of service violation. News servers are not like a website, where the picture is stored in only one place. On the news system, once you send it out, it gets relayed to a pile of other servers, and then form them to many more. Many ISP's do not carry binaries groups as a result, and some activly block groups with binaries, whether they are allowed by charter, or sent by the un-knowing. Effectivly, by posting binaries to a non binary group, you could be causing others to lose access to the group, depending on their ISP.
A great place to send pictures of this sort is the dropbox at
formatting link
. Then you can post a link to the pictures here. The dropbox is a resource provided for the rec.crafts.metalworking community but used in moderation.... There is lots of crossover interest between the two groups as it is.
Anyway, just thought I'd pass that along. There are a few around that are less than polite about saying it, and we might as well avoid a scorch-fest if we can.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
Thanks for the heads up. I'll just put them on my own web server I run here at home next time and send links.
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And, some of us don't even get to see those pictures if our newsprovider blocks all binaries in non-binary groups.
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Colin Blackburn
Well, if there's actual interest in seeing my pics, I'll gladly put them up on my web site for everyone. I just wasn't sure that too many people would care to see a beginner start his coal fire. :)
Let me know if you want me to put them on my site?
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