Vintage Blacksmiths craft manual

The Blacksmiths Craft ,An Introduction to Smithing for Apprentices & Craftsmen Pub.Rural Industries Bureau,grubby dustwrapper,original owners inscription,otherwise a very good copy.108 pages Anything by the RIB is normally excellent and this is no exception..a proper craftsmans manual as opposed to a hobbyists book.

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free downloadable version of this and other great books on the net at rural industries website

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Ok my hairy scary friend ;-) :D I saw your pics on IforgeIron :-) BTW good work in those pics. Try this one

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think this is the right link. Rusty_iron

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Aw you peeked ;-)

Thanks I'm getting better crafting wood, so my grips are starting to look nicer :-)

Thanks for the link :-)

Regards Charles

Rusty_ir> Ok my hairy scary friend ;-) :D I saw your pics on IforgeIron :-)

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