I have a Mori seiki MV40 with a yasnac mx1 control.
Installed new memoory board and broke chip #37 in half while trying to
transfer software chips from old board to new.
Anyone have a spare chip laying around or even a ladder diagram of chip
software version is 3337-03 i believe
Let me know.
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Emergency indeed. Find someone with an MX1 that would be willing to loan you their Eprom set, and find someone trustworthy to burn a duplicate set. Otherwise you will have to give Mori/Yaskawa a call.
Perhaps you can find a local dealer that has a similar machine/control collecting dust, that would be willing to loan you the chip set.
all the best on this one. I once worked with someone that managed somehow to break a 486 CPU in half (pre zero force socket days)
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