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Municipal Securities - Mortgage-Backed Notes Giuen Department of Development (G.D.D.) Chairman Indicates 2008-10-01

=91Solid organization=92s core=92, yet at the time when competition at a same time lead to greater impact for set goal. When these are factors seen in economy, then it is of importance to sight differences for both management and investment accountabilities. Within differences affecting planning rapidly, it is then more important for keep set development goal, but also, with structural change for unexpected risk. Such risk management can exist for intensified analysis not only outsourcing and result direct productivity in this time typical governance to economic approaches. Indices not only tell that long- term success, not alone, here is a factor what lower a real value of productivity, as a danger too. However, developing your full potential as an effective leader involves an incredible amount of hard work. Any kind of personal growth always requires efforts, and developing your leadership skill is no exception. You may find that you achieve some leadership goal fairly quickly, with only small investment of time, effort, and money. What do you think about negative market-influence to the economy, say in a general perspective to this situation were immediate directives can lead your organization and network by network increase growth per every division involved that directive? It should last no long being in a negative influence from economic growth. Negative influence in a broad spectra is anyhow something that almost never happen, but it occurs to happen in a frequency cycle, say around each eight year or so, so that a leader of any kind have experience for how easy there can become a confusion to direction for right directives. By the fact that millions of people making their direction in a known way for a longer time, any argument to find it not the right way can then be a hard find move to be correct direct into what you believe is more right or correct. A market influence have then become such a phenomenon into leadership approaches, in reality this is a large challenge. Dynamic synergies can within publicity effect to up and downs in economic analysis in some week or so, however, a crisis in the economy is probably something that is a total different in effecting market, leadership and management, for a much longer sight. As well when it has become eliminate then its just gone and turned into growth. What it all is about? I think, this is the move of a capital from one management form very much concentrate in such ideas that analysis have shown to become time typical and correct in a institutional perspective. What is more difficult to say about is thus effects to economic structure on a broad spectra of sector-specific institutional professionals in analytics. Well, these are to some grade manageable when it occurs, but it happen now and then that a bank businesses for example goes =91subprime=92. This seems within have been a effect from unexpected synergies and of such degree that it have made their investments and clients to any view that the bank not themselves were able to manage or never thought such happening. These are maybe examples for investment-banks when they=92ve choose to exchange to government options or long-term low risk, (Sweden, 1992) there are often large amount of capital invested in specific funds for example, such were little move for the capital, also, institutional amount means low activity to a large amount of capital in principally a risk-free management with a large accountability. When only thing a leader have to make sure of is to manage pension funds, such fund that is almost risk-free, of course it is many times easier than that of balance economic effect and safeguard for a stock-market, but it is a same principle. When different stock-market analytics competite their goals, they do so for the capital to a more common use. A risk to them might be that of a government or institutional confederation, or union advises for having a greater amount capital invested in the mineral market, because it requires that much more amount assets yield for such accountability that it takes for their numbers a lot. It is a risky game with the capital market today to many, but that=92s what it all=92s about. Who can ever say what the general outcome, neither it is that easy to see it all through the strategy set ahead to increase productivity, I mean on this level. A stock-market are always found with a individual law.

Pension Plan Advise. To our network for individual pension plan assets, please have a analysis for you.

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Mr Roger K. Olsson, G.D.D. Board of Commission

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