Mathematical method for closed loop temperature control.

I have to write a software for controlling the temperature of an
enclosure having halogen heater.
My temperature sensor is a RTD.
Can anyone please suggest me which way to proceed in control
algorithm ? What mathematical methods I can try ?
Will be grateful for any help to put me in the right direction.
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What are your goals? How tightly do you have to control the temperature? How quickly does the temperature have to stabilize? How well does the temperature control system have to react to changes in the environment or thermal load?
If the answers are "modest, not very, not very, not very", then the mathematical method that I would suggest is "cut and try", as written up here:
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If you need tight control, then I would suggest you either buy a temperature controller with auto tuning and put your system performance in the hand of the controller manufacturer, or that you study control theory.
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Tim Wescott

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