Build your own Jet Engine

We have reached to top , in internal combustion engines

using pistons , the very best , light weight engines are

$700 , and weigh 300 lbs and make 250 reliable

horse power , Youd waste lots of time and money

DIY building a jet engine , and it is far less

effecient than a Honda Accura Integra B18 ,

turbo charged 4 cylinder .

Most important you'd learn NOTHING .

BTW Computers ... Software is bloated ..

Thats why we cant easily fix our O.S.

The web is fulll of complaints of Windows XP ,

Its alll for the lower part of WXP , aka

DOS extenders , The foundation of WXP is bad ,

www dot japheth dot de

[ de ] is for Germany , the best country for software ,

Germany created many DOS extenders and they are

all at JAPHETH DE ,

HX is one DOS extender , it replaces everything

when starting WXP or Linux or any O.S.

HX can debloat WXP , XP's evil can be quickly locked up

Dont fear HX , you wont need to create low level

scripts nor batch files for HX to be powerful ..

you will get these scripts and batch files by word of mouth

thru the internet , we will write these scripts , but you

download these , and thru trial and error , find the

honest web sites to get the scripts ..

Japeheth de is the most valuable and honest

website EVER ,


send me ur email to add to a GoogleGroups

[ ]

you can find answers to all tech question

No arguements will be seen on this news group ,

Its like a BLOG with censors , if i dont see any

science or help in it , ill trash it .

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