2500mAh AA NiMH batteries - available yet?

Does any company produce 2500mAh AA NiMh batteries yet?
NiMh battery technology seems to be developing quickly. I bought some
2100mAh AAs about a month ago, went back for another set yesterday and
they are 2300mAh now.
Also what are the highest capacity D NiMh batteries available? The
highest capacity I have seen is 8500mAh made by Ansmann and 8500mAh
made by SAFT ( French(
Has anyone spotted anything higher?
A web trawl didn't produce very much.
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Hmm I know Rayovac has the new technology type NiMh AA cells which can be fully charged in just 15 mins flat. But that's less than 2500mAh
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Brian Su

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