Collecting names of companies/suppliers who offer free posters...


I'm collecting names of companies/suppliers who offer free posters or other similar marketing material shipped to the US. Anything from charts used for sizing to catalogs that weigh on the side of educational literature to more recreational posters of space ships, scientific topics, etc... Anything. I'm hoping to collect enough to build a website around it which users can add to.

If you have any company names, please post them here or email me at If there are already sites out there doing this, I'd love to hear about those as well.



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Well I know Omega offers things like this. Currently they have a chart of DImensionless Numbers and the Radio Frequency Spectrum, along with all their hardcover "encyclopedia" sales books, and Dilbert cartoons.

I'd like to find posters of pneumatic coupling names, sizes, standards, as well as nuts, bolts, or anything similar as well. Guess I'll have to start looking closer at the various posters I end up seeing in plants.

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