DC motor / german-english translation

Hello, I have a construction with two electromagnetic fields. The first/outside-field accelerate permanently the second/inside-field, to speed of the inside field rise... until it destroys itself, the construction implodes. But that`s not the topic.

I have a series-wound DC motor without load/resistance..Or. I have a series-wound DC-motor and the brake breaks.. ....the motor destroys itself...explosion...

In germany we say: (Reihenschluss- Gleichstrommotor) Der Motor kann durchgehen. DER MOTOR GEHT DURCH.

1.:Question: Is there a english phrase for that effect? (The horses go through???)

  1. Have someone video`s/pictures of a destroyed very large DC-motors???

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One description is "Motor runaway", no doubt there is a more technical term which should be forthcoming soon :-)

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Rheilly Phoull

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