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I have an electric dryer that will not heat. The element seems to test out ok along with the thermal fuse. When I called an appliance repair man, he said it sounded electrical. When I measure at the block, I get

125v on two separate pegs. Is this the way 240v plugs work? Should I be getting the full 240 on both? the breaker did not trip and I have tried flipping several times with no luck. Can someone help me to understand if the block is actually getting the correct number?


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You should measure 240 between the two hots. (120 from each to return/ground).

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Measure line to ground both line, then line to line, line to line should be 240 or close to it.

The way you state the question leads me to believe your a novice. Be careful out there. More people are killed at home from electrical problems than any where else.

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could you have lost a phase? this happened at my house a few years ago and I got a similar reading in the breaker panel.

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