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I have an old German A. Van Kaick 17.5 kVA three phase alternator with
separate exciter windings/rotor at the end of the main shaft. This
exciter voltage is meant to be fed via a resistor to the main alternator
exciter windings.
However I have no idea on the resistance value and power rating on this
Does anyone here have a clue how I can find / calculate the optimal value..?
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Geir Holmavatn
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If you have a reasonable selection of test equipment, you can run some tests to find out. First, I would carefully go through all the nameplate information on the alternator and the exciter.
You should be able to measure the alternater's field winding resistance.
Connect a power supply to the field.
Spin the alternator at rated speed.
Measure the alternator's output voltage as a function of current. From the ratio of rated voltage to actual output voltage you know the factor required to multiply the test field current provided to what is needed.
Measure the output of the exciter generator.
The rest is Ohm's law.
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