Half Wave Rectifier with Ideal Diodes


I am having trouble understanding the output voltage graphs about the half wave rectifier with the ideal diodes. For example, we have a circuit where Vi = sin (pi*t), a resistor = 1 kilo ohm, and one diode which is reverse biased. We are trying to find out how Vout graph looks like across this diode. How do we do this? Is there any good links to explain this concept. Thanks

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1) Have you tried reading your textbook?


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put in "half wave diode voltage curve"

Let us know if want someone to take your exam for you also.

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Ben Miller

Did all that but need more explanation.

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Harish wrote in news:61b81ed1-0d0d-4ee4-9474- snipped-for-privacy@h11g2000prf.googlegroups.com:


How can you possibly expect anyone to learn something so simple with the existance of textbooks, MultiSim, Google, fellow students, building a prototype and measuring it, measuring an existing circuit, etc...

It's similar to my theory about children. With the existance of TV and video games, they practicly raise themselves.

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