Harmonic by inverters in large plant/phase shift transformer plan

Dear All,
We are engaged in the design of a large plant. Problem is 5th
harmonic due to 6-pulse rectifier contributed from inverter/VFD, which
result in 23% THDi (Siemens and Danfoss software evaluated data)
1) There are hundreds of inverters each rated around 380V/10kW. during
their operation, they will be quite stable in terms of load
percentage; so we attempt to group them into two balanced halves with
each one tied to a winding of a phase shift transformer (rated around
2000kVA, with two secondary windings, one delta and one Wye as a try
to get 30 degree shift).
2) With this configuration, we thought 80% of 5th harmonic from
inverter loads could be cancelled.
3) we called some experts of our suppliers with support experience
here in China; however, most of they cannot give us an estimation for
how much is the reduction effect will be. They will usually propose us
LV filtering capacitor bank, which our client is with much concern
Did any one in the harmonic world could feed us some idea or even had
similar devil killed. Please give us help, thanks very much !
Feb 26, 2008
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anyone could give a hint here ? thx
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Is there anyone in the special field ?
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You could try
formatting link
and forum "Electric motors & motor controls engineering"
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