nickle metal hydride battery charge ?

i am using a 12v 200mamp battery charger to charge 2 aa nickle metal hydride batteries in series

any particular reson why charger should get really hot to touch and the batteries rather warm?

the battery charger is a charger used to charge wireless phone

i am assuming the batteries are absorbing large amounts of current and probably acting just as a short across the charger

takes about 4 hours for things to get really warm

amy comments really appreciated

i am not an electrical engineer tia

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  1. Your charger delivers nom. current (200mA) until the overcharge limit is reached.
  2. The two AA batteries are in series. A simplified power calculation indicates that when your are charging the two AA in series the circuit dissipates ~ 2 W. To this, one has to add the power dissipated by the AC to DC conversion and the rest of the electronic, perhaps in total ~ 3 W. That could make the charger quite hot. In any case, if the charger has a plastic cover, keep it open while charging. Gene
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does the charger state it will do nickle metal hydride batterys or is it designed for nicads only?


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