OK for Engineering student to take Intro to Physics first?

I've been going to a local community college to get my

2 year degree with idea of transferring to Rolla Missouri for electrical engineering curriculum.

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The community college I'm at only offers "Fundamentals of Physics" which is a class for life science majors and does NOT stress calculus based physics.

What their means is I will have to take engineering physics (calc based) again when getting to UMR Rolla next fall.

I'm currently in Calc 3 at local college tho

Am I wasting my time.... and more importantly my MONEY taking this intro physics class? Or is it a good idea and will give me a "leg up" when re-taking calc based Physics next fall? This intro Physics class will cost me $2000 for both upcoming semesters.

Thanks for your advice!

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Gosh, I don't know. Maybe you should take the "Physics for Poets" a couple of times and see if it gets good enough to one day be on the prerequisites for an engineering education. One of the things you must learn in engineering is to allocate your time and money efficiently. Spinning your wheels on a course that you know is not going to get you the knowledge you're told you need for engineering does not strike me as being efficient or sensible.

Why are you wasting time with a 2-year "degree" anyway? They give degrees in 2 years, now? You're either on the bus or off the bus.


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Bill Shymanski

Have you been accepted? (UMR was my "backup plan").

You may have to take that again too, depending. It might be a good idea to do it anyway, just to make sure. If the math foundation isn't perfect, you'll struggle with everything else.

Yes, and YES! Save the $2000 for beer money. Use the time to ace the calc.

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The Fundamentals of Physics class will help you and give you a leg up into regular Engineering physics.

However it seems a very expensive help. Furthermore, the Fund. of Physics will not transfer into the Engineering Curriculum at the four year school.

Therefore you will be wasting both money and units for a small gain in knowledge. I wouldn't do it myself. Did you take high school physics, the usual into class for science and engineering students?

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Bob Eld

Nope....don't plan on attending till Fall 2009..... next year. Wanted to get down there this fall but health problem cropped up

My thoughts as well...... must NAIL the math here...even if have to tale it again at UMR

Ok thanks!

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