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I have a customer who purchased a three-phase commercial mixer for his restaurant. Of course he only has a single phase service.

The mixer is Hobart with a 3 hp motor. My first thought was to contact Hobart and look into purchasing a single phase motor a swap it out. Unfortunately they don't manufacture a single phase motor for this unit. They do offer a retrofit "kit", but that will require alot of work because it's not a direct bolt up to the current foot print, so there will be alot of drilling and tapping. The labor will be cost prohibative I think.

So, I considering a phase converter. From what I see I have two choices , static or rotary. Rotory looks like the best choice.

Cost looks like $600 for a good unit to run a 3 hp motor, and the install will be pretty simple.

What are the pros and cons of going down this path as compared to doing the motor swap?

The phase converter will be for a 3 hp load at 60 hertz, 208 volt, 10.5 amp.



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3 HP is a relatively low motor load. I'd go with the phase convertor unless you have some other reason to go with mechanical swap.

I'm not affiliated with them, but here is one company that looks like they have a product that can do the job.

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For what it is worth I have used this product and they are cheaper than $600.

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Out of curiosity, how much would it cost to add three phase service? I have never negotiated with a power supplier for something like that. In the long run, if your customer is going to install more electrical equipment, that may be more economical.


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