[Q] What are current/future trends in Elec Eng and Comp Sci?


I was wondering if people could provide some opinions -- preferably well thought out and non-speculative -- on trends in EE and CS.

That is, I'm asking about specifics on which areas of EE/CS are gaining momentum, which are losing momentum, which have a long steady future, and so forth. By "momentum" I also mean interest in the matter by the technical community. As for "areas" I mean those like (just off the top of my head) biomedical engineering, signal processing, image processing, control systems, cryptography, neural networks, artificial intelligence, ..., and any other major area of EE/CS.

Also, which areas are more research-geared and which are more industry-geared, and are there areas that are finding applications in both? For example, for PhD study, which areas of specialization could be rewarding in terms of interest (a motivating factor) and even post-PhD jobs?

(If there's a more appropriate newsgroup, then please let me know.)

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