Series/Parallel Resonance of a coil

Hi all,

I am learning about inductors and have few doubts,

The coil manufacturers are specifying self resonant requency , I understand that it is resonating due to stray capacitance of coil. The capacitance is in series with coil or parallel with coil ?

In other words, at self resonance , is it series resonant circuit or parallel resonant ciruit ?

I want to know whether the impedance is maximum at self resonant frequency or minimum at self resonant frequency.

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It can be either or both or many more. The key to understanding is the Foster reactance theorem which you can look up. That is, in a real part, there will be multiple resonances. In the simplest case it would be a parallel resonance. The inductor acts as if there is a lumped capacitance across the inductor. A lumped LC(R) resonator series or parallel depending upon how the source is applied.


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