Tryst 2010: IIT Delhi Annual Technical Festival

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
invites you to be a part of 'Tryst 2010'=96 The annual Technical
Festival of the institute,being held from 12th =96 14th March, 2010.
TRYST 2010 Paper Presentations
Do you believe you have done some research?
Is it unique?
Has it got enough potential to mark a change?
If answer to all three of the questions is 'yes' then we have got a
perfect opportunity for you where you can let the 'right' audience
know about it.
Just put your work into words and send in your abstract entries in the
specified format (email address and details attached) to us by 10th
Feb. 2010. The selected students will be provided an opportunity to
present their work at TRYST 2010 before some of the eminent members of
the scientific community.
The winners would be honoured with the prestigious UG / PG award and
their projects would be published in the TRYST 2010 JOURNAL across all
the departments. IIT students working on MINI P/
course projects are specially requested to send in abstracts of their
respective projects.
formatting link
formatting link
or post your
queries to
Attachments : Details of the Event.
Contact for further details =96
Rhishabh Garg(9971232065)
Pranay Jain(9871040883)
Coordinators, Paper Presentation, TRYST 2010
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