Two GFCI Circuit Breakers On Same Line O.K. ?


Moved into a 30 yr old house that has, apparently, one circuit going to an outside outlet having a GFCI circuit breaker in the main service panel.

Being so old, I have doubts about how good the GFCI circuit breaker may be, but really don't want to play with the panel and replace the breaker.

Any reason not to just add an additional individual GFCI outlet in place of the outside outlet there now (leaving the circuit breaker in the service panel alone) ?

Guess I'm asking if there is any harm, or potential problems, in having two, possibly both being functional, GFCI devices on a single branch line ?

Thanks, Bob

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You can add the GFCI receptacle. The circuit will function just fine with a GFI breaker and a GFCI receptacle.

The only potential problem is a bit of confusion: if there is a trip and the circuit goes dead, you may have to visit both the GFI breaker and the GFCI receptacle to reset - and you could forget that there are 2 ground fault devices on the circuit.


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