Who makes dual-conversion UPSs?

APC makes the "Smart" series of true sine wave UPSs, and they make some dual-conversion ones.

Is there a way to know by model identifier if an APC is a dual-conversion type? Or only by looking up each "Smart" model's specs to see if it is also a D-C type?

Are APC D-C types only available in rack-mount form-factor?

Other manufacturers?


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Gary Walters
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Tried asking APC?

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John Nice

We have a 16 kVA Symmetra LX 230/400 V three phase in 220, 230 or 240 V single phase out, in our server room. This was available in both rack mount and free-standing tower, which is what we have, versions so not all of them are rack mount. What size of unit are you looking for? Very large ones are unlikely to be rack mount due to the size. Neither are very small ones, but I don't know if they make dual- conversion ones in very small sizes. Agree with John; ask the makers.

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