Technological promotion for mechanical multi-storey parking structure in Fujian

Atten: Fujian Province is in the southeast of China
28 May, 2007
The infor. is from Fujian Provincial Construction Dep: on May 22,
Provincial Construction Department held technological equipment
meeting for mechanical parking structure promotion. This meeting
marked the construction of automated parking structure is formally
entered into the agenda. It is said that in the near future, the
automated parking structure will be built one by one for easy parking
in some cities in Fujian province.
According to the briefing, with the rapid urban growth in the
consumption of automobiles and the shortage of parking spaces,
"parking difficulty" has become a public problem in urban
Currently, urban parking difficulties are happened in the main
business districts, restaurants, offices, residential area. In a short
time to solve parking difficulties in above area, small Automated
structure is economical, environment- friendly solution to save land
and cost.
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