ASTM A123, Std spec for Zinc Coating on Iron and Steel Product -- Question

I have a question about A123-6.1.1
/quote: [...] and each specimen coating thickness grade comprising
that overall average for each test article shall average not less than
one coating grade below that required in table 1. /end quote
My question is in regard to the coating grade, are they referencing to
the material category in table 1 (material thickness) or the coating
thickness grade in table 2 ?
for example: a 3/16 thick steel pipe should have a minimum of 75um
average thickness of zinc (table1), one coating grade below could be
read as a 1/8 thick pipe (45 um in table 1) or as 65um in table 2.
Hopefully my question make sense.
Best regards and thanks for your time
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