Call for Papers: Rolling International Seminar in Brazil

Call for Papers
41st Rolling Seminar: Processes, Rolled and Coated Products
October 26 to 28, 2004
Joinville, SC Brazil
Topics related to
- Processes and products; flat and long steels; ferrous and
non-ferrous; coated and non-coated
- Cylinders
- Corrosion
- Product development and applications: automotive industry, auto
parts, civil
construction, white line, furniture, wheels, steels for electrical
applications, and seamless tubing
- Metal packaging
- Equipment
- Maintenance: new approaches and enhanced efficiency
- Marketing
- Environment and safety
- Processes: rolling, stamping, welding, and forming in general
- Production scheduling
- Quality and productivity
- Trends, development, and new technologies
- Tribology: wear, lubrication, and friction
Submittal of abstracts: February 27, 2004
Sending of manuscripts: April 30, 2004
Norms and submittal of abstracts:
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