Closed form, analytical solutions for composite plate vibration

Hi. Does anyone have a paper they can direct me to that contains the closed form, analytical solutions for composite plate vibrations? Unfortunately, many of the papers which I found by looking myself are only available in hardcopy format at my library (they were published too early), and it would take ages to search through all of them manually.

Specifically, I am looking for papers that provide closed form, analytical solutions to the natural frequency and mode shapes (eigenvalues/vectors) of composite, fibre-reinforced plates. The variables would be plate constraints, plate width or length, plate shape, lamina thickness and fibre orientation.


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It'd probably be easier to do a torsion experiment as the anelastic behavior of the material is probably not known, especially for layered or composite materials. Check out the book by Zener on anelastic and elastic behavior of metals. That should give you a good starting point (this is the Zener diode guy, classic text and still applicable today).

and if you find any papers, please post, I'm also interested in this.


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