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hi i am a technology student at conestoga college in kitchener ontario and i
need to find materials that would be suitable for the core of a guitar
i have already choosen a Nickel Chromium steel as my first choice but need
to find two others does anyone have any suggestions it would be much
the criteria are as follows
-the material needs to
-resist corrosion and oxidization
-have a high tensile strength
-retain its ability to bend to facilitate stringing the guitar
-resist creep
-and must be some sort of ferrous metal
Again any and all help would be appretiated
Thanx again
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Years ago I used Monel guitar strings. They had a unique and what I thought good sound. Good corrosion resistance. -Jay entr0pyf0e
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"Music wire" is relatively low carbon steel with very little in the way of other metals. It is drawn through progressive diamond dies which reduce its diameter at the same time as it works the metal and in the process sometimes a thin nickel coating is sometimes applied (which reduces corrosion to a large degree). The result is good for strings, pianos and, by extrapolation, for guitar strings.
Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton Charlotte, NC
raven wrote:
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