heat sink for gas turbine exhaust


I am looking into the feasibility of using heat-absorbing materials to cool the gasses leaving an engine of a stealthy aircraft as part of a design project.

The heat sink would need to have high thermal conductivity and a large specific heat capacity. This would allow a quick transfer of heat energy from the exhaust gases to the conducting material.

Does anybody know which materials would be good to use or where to find them on the internet?

Because its an aircraft, low density materals are also favorable.

Thanks in advanve for any help, Adam

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Adam Chapman
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as a student? Does your project take ift or a budget?

#17010: "What's smaller and lighter and faster and stiffer than degenerate helium?" #18147: "diodes that convert waste heat into electricity"

Line the regenerator with a 5-kW/cm^2 convectrix. It yae sits there and flushes like mead! It's magic. Soak the leftover heat into solid afterburner/afterchiller haloxup=E8rx=E8nates. If you can't afford it, blend in krypton (pfft--what a mangled spelling/speakking; should be crupton). XeO3 and XeO4 are cool, neat :D solids that kick kloriata's butt as a el=E8ctric trebuchet. As regenerative laser dihodes are alive now, use those on the last hull to pump the heat into the MW and UV for stray charges in the former reaction and in the loft to pick up.


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