How to coat Ti onto other metals?

Coating Ti onto other metals is a challenge for sure. There are many unsuccessful attempts to plate them.

In our manufacturing process, we used a lot Ti sheet metal to manufacture anodizing racks

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The big portion of thecost for these type of racks is Ti metal. At the same time, Ti is limited by its current carring capacity. It would be great if we can get lower cost Ti coated Cu sheet metal or rods.

Here are my questions:

  1. Since conventional water based plating does not work for Ti? Is there any other plating method (in organic or molten solution)?
  2. How about other coating method (like CVD or PVD, vacuum sputtering)? Can other methods coat Ti onto Cu?

Thank you.

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Torrey Hills
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Electric arc wire spray?

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Titanium is mentioned in these:

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Mark Thorson

I used to use magnetron sputtering (PVD) from a Ti target onto bearing steels and tool steels all the time as a base layer before changing the atmosphere and putting down titanium nitride. The Ti layer stuck to everything very well, which is why we did it this way. I would bet they still do this in the TiN coated machine tooling industry.

Never tried it on copper, though.

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